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Tom Calabrese
Chris Gregson - CD-ROM designer/recent JWU grad
Al Benoit - Chairman JWU Computer Science Department
Prof. Chris Briggs - JWU Graphics & New Media Department
Steve Andrade - Chairman JWU Graphics & New Media Department

Magnus Hansson - Security lab developer at JWU
Joseph Porreca - created labs at the end of the text
Team that worked on "Information Security Intelligence: Cryptographic Principles & Applications" include, from left, students Karen Labonte, Sanna Kerroumi, William Robsky, Professor Eric Oster, Professor Al Benoit, Matthew Little, Professor Tom Calabrese, Melanie Burgess, Professor Chris Briggs, and Professor Mike Gendron.

InfoSec World Book Signing - Eric Majwald, Tom Calabrese & Kevin Mitnick

Joe Devine & Tom Calabrese