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Information Security Intelligence: Cryptographic Principles & Applications

ISBN#: 1401837271
Published: 12/29/2003
© 2004
Published by Delmar Learning
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Safeguarding the confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of information is paramount to organizational stability and success. This new book provides an understanding of information security, potential threats to our information, and effective countermeasures to proactively combat those threats. A comprehensive review of cryptographic techniques is presented and explained in simple mathematical terms. The text covers symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption, digital signatures, Kerberos, creation/deployment of strong keys and passwords, Virtual Private Networks, SET, SSL, SSH, IPSec, and authentication techniques. A detailed examination of Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) exposes readers to the inner workings of encryption. CD-ROM experiments help solidify the learning experience. Emphasis throughout is on the application of the cryptographic methods and support structures needed to effectively apply the principles to create a secure business setting.

Product Benefits:

  • Detailed laboratory exercises support and extend the learning experience, familiarizing readers with hacker tactics and effective countermeasures that can ensure the preservation of information.
  • Coverage focuses on information security, rather than a broad brush information systems security approach. Included is an information centric model for security. Included are video lessons with the author on difficult information security topics.
  • Reliable methods of information vulnerability and risk assessment techniques are examined, as well as security policy and plan development and information security management best practices.
  • A detailed set of pointers to online resources are given for continued exploration of the information security field.

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Total text is 555 pages and also includes a comprehensive CD-ROM presentation.