About The Author of
Information Security Intelligence: Cryptographic Principles & Algorithms

Tom Calabrese is a Professor in the School of Technology, department of Computer and Information Science, for Johnson & Wales University. Professor Calabrese has over two decades of industry experience in networking, security, and software engineering. Prior to joining Johnson & Wales, he was the Vice President of Research and Development for a network security solutions provider partly owned by Cisco Systems. During his career,Professor Calabrese held software engineering and consulting positions with AT&T/NCR, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Timeplex, Inc. He continues to practice as an independent technology consultant in affiliation with Bridge Technical Talent.

Through his consulting work, Professor Calabrese has had the opportunity to provide numerous security solutions to a wide variety of clients. Many of these opportunities are HIPAA or GLB related. As Director of Security Consulting for Bridge Technical Solutions, Calabrese is responsible for the planning and execution of all security related projects that the firm undertakes.

At Johnson & Wales Professor Calabrese teaches a variety of courses in both Computer and Information Science. His academic interests include: information security, networking, artificial intelligence and analysis of algorithms.

Professor Calabrese holds a doctorate from the University of Connecticut. He has a Masters degree from Villanova University (1997), a Bachelors degree from New York University (1981), and was awarded membership in Upsilon Pi Epsilon Texas A&M University (1997).

For more information on the information security practice and services provided please contact Bridge Technical Solutions .